Justin Brown

"Anything's possible!"

A motto that stuck back in 2003 at the start of my education in video production at the Art Institute of Seattle.  Ambitious or unforgiving, the "anything's possible" motto is a good reminder that preparation and a positive attitude go a long way.

It's my goal to deliver photograph and video content in a fun, effective, and fashionable manner that is sure to exceed your expectations.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Video for DVD Distribution
  • Video for Web Distribution

- Promotional
- Commercial
- Informational
- Entertainment

  • Documentary

- Travel/Foreign Language (Spanish)
- History
- Study Abroad

  • Business Conferences

- Speeches

- Powerpoint Presentations
- Reproduction for distribution
  • Weddings
- Online Access to Photography
- DVD Hard Copy
Video Production, with access to: 
- Make-up Artists
- Set Designers
- Caterers
  • Health, Wellness, & Fitness
- Promotional
- Group X Class Launch
- Technique/info Videos
- Lifestyle/Healthy Living
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
- Event Coverage/Cage Fighting
- Technique/Training VIdeos
- Promotional & Distribution
- Access to MMA action sequencing specialists

  • Talk Show Production
- Set Design
- Multiple Camera Setup
- Working with Cast & Crew

I have experience with all the above listed and I currently manage www.psu.tv a online student publication focused on visual storytelling. 


Justin Brown

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